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Economic Identity from vanilla sales receipts facilitates access to microloans for rural farmers

Farmers access rural loans via economic identity from vanilla receipts

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This video highlights the importance of partnerships and data sharing between agribusinesses, agritechs and financial service providers in Papua New Guinea. Partnerships allow the creation of economic identities that previously unbanked farmers can use to access financial products and services. 


This work was funded by Kamapim Ltd, Mibank, GSMA and MDF

More details can be found on GSMA’s published case study through this link

 ‘How economic identities facilitate lending to smallholder farmers: the case of Rural Loan in Papua New Guinea‘

In Papua New Guinea, 85% of the population work in small holder agriculture , dominating rural areas where the majority of the country’s population resides. One of the key challenges facing smallholder farmers in the country is poor access to formal financial services such as loans for agricultural and non-agricultural needs. Lacking access to economic identities, farmers remain financially excluded and often rely on costly and mostly informal credit. 


Using farmer data as collected and curated by Kampaim's agritech, on both the individual farmer and their purchasing history has enabled credit scores to be created and integrated with the bank for assessment for micro-loans. Using a digital mobile phone platform enables farmers to access loans in their own villages, without savings, without formal identification and without travelling for hours to town. 

Kamapim Limited teaches farmers rurally financial literacy, what is a loan, how to access their funds, how to budget and how to use those loans to increase income. Farmers are taught how to pay back their loans via the digital wallet (on the phone), at the bank, or via an agent. We are currently delivering loans remotely and watching farmers repay them. Rural farmers are ecstatic that a loan has been designed around their needs.

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